[:ja]根津神社例大祭(ねづじんじゃれいたいさい)[:en]Nezu Shrine example large festival[:]

[:ja]根津神社例大祭は東京都文京区で開催されるお祭りです。江戸三大祭としても知られており、神田祭や山王祭と肩を並べます。また都心のパワースポットとしても人々に親しまれているだけでなく、著名な文豪らに愛された神社でもあります。例えば小説 舞姫を著した森鴎外、吾輩は猫であるや千円札で馴染み深い夏目漱石の住居も神社周辺に構えられていました。さらに4月から5月の約1ヶ月間には文京つつじまつりが開催され、境内では3,000株100種に及ぶ艶やかなつつじの開花を楽しむことができます。この時には屋台や植木市も設けられることから、人々で賑わいます。






[:en]Nezu Shrine example festival is a festival to be held in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo. It is also known as the Edo Three Giant Festival, and line up with the Kanda festival and the Sanno festival. It is not only familiar to people as a power spot in the city center, it is also a shrine loved by prominent writers and writers. For example, Mori Ogai who wrote the novel dance princess, I am a cat, and residents of Soseki Natsume strangely familiar with thousand yen bills were also built around the shrine. In addition, the Bunkyo Azalea Festival will be held in about one month from April to May, and you can enjoy the blooming glorious azaleas of 3,000 shares in the precincts. At this time it is crowded with people because stalls and planting trees are also set up.


Well the festival is originated from Tokugawa Iemono of the Tokugawa family ‘s sixth generic army set a festival by the curtain system. I also dedicate three shrine mikoshi. This dedicated shogun is still present, and is carefully placed at Nezu shrine. Also at the time it was said that the floats were gathered from the Edo region and it was a spectacular festival. And at the example festival, spectacular Shikoku shrine transit where about 20 town regions participate is also seen, Nezu shrine around is filled with the hot spirit of Mrs.


By the way, please be careful not to miss the Kamikyoku festival where the big shrine mikoshi will do the work, because it is held once every four years.

Also performances of Sanseido Mai and Urayasu Mai, which are intangible cultural assets designated by Bunkyo Ward. In Urayasu Mai the girls who wear themselves in red and white costumes will show off their graceful dance with fan and Kagura bell. It takes about 10 minutes to show off, but the girls will not break a dignified look for a long time.

There are not many opportunities to see Sansa No Dance and Urayasu Mai. By all means inside the precincts of the Nezu shrine festival, please see the harsh and daunting dance close up.

Venue: Neighborhood Nezu Shrine around Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo(113-0031 Tokyo Nezu Bunkyo-ku 1-28-9)
open time:
event date: Mid September 2017 – Late September 2017
Remarks concerning the opening date: http://www.nedujinja.or.jp/
Access method (other): 5-minute walk from Chiyoda Line “Nezu” station “Sendagi” station, Namboku Line “Tokyo University front” station. 10 minutes on foot from Mita line “Hakusan” station
For inquiries: Nezu Shrine 03-3822-0753[:]