Tsukiji lion festival

The Tsukiji lion festival is a festival to be held in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Tsukiji has a Tsukiji market in the huge wholesale market, and tourists visit from home and abroad. The current Tsukiji is land, but it had been suffering a lot of difficulties before the Waki ​​Inari Shinto shrine (Nemiyake Ichika Shinkenji) was founded. Originally the area was ocean on one side, landfill was done after the big fire of the calendar occurred, but it seems that construction has been extremely difficult, such as heavy waves bounced and the levees are washed away. However, there was a time when the sea surface was shining, people tried to examine its source, it was a theoris of Inari Ogami. What was founded in the present land in 1659 by the people who found the imaginary body becomes the origin of Wakari Inari shrine. After the establishment, the waves that were rampant only stopped, and the landfill construction was completed successfully.

And since Waki Inari Shrine calmed down the violent waves, faith spread to people, dragons that followed the clouds, tigers that followed the wind, lions that threaten all things in a single voice, each head was dedicated. The festival which carried these heads is the origin of Tsukiji lion festival. However, the dedicated heads were hit by the storm, leaving a lion head pair and burning down in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. Currently they are rebuilt through the cooperation of people who wish for revival, and are dedicated to the shrine preciously.

Well, the Tsukiji lion festival is held once in three years for this festival, during the mega festival. Anxious 2017 will be a shade festival, and one unit will be going to transfer from the Senju shrine and the male female lion. On the final day of the festival, the wait-and-see Benzaiten Otogi lion ceremony will be held. The lion to which the tooth black was given is about 700 kilometers and is huge if it weighs. By the way, it is a female lion whose tooth black is given. The name Benzaiten is because the bodhisattva of Benzaito is contained in a lion.


Although the image of the shrine mikoshi is strong with the thing that men do, at Tsukiji lion festival a part is set up as a female section, and we consider women who like festivals to be able to pass. Why do not you experience the enthusiasm of passing along with the Benzaiten and the lioness at the shade festival?

Venue: Chuo-ku, Tokyo Wakabari Inari Shrine Around
open time:
event date: 2017/6/9 ~ 2017/6/11 (planned)
Remarks concerning the opening date: http://www.namiyoke.or.jp/
Access method (other): 7 minutes on foot from the Tsukiji station on the Hibiya line of the Toei Oedo line “Tsukiji Market” station on foot 5 minutes on foot From the metropolitan bus “Tsukiji 6-chome” 3 minutes on foot
For inquiries: Waki Inari Shrine 03-3541-8451

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