Karasumori Shrine example large festival

Karasumori Shrine example festival is a festival to be held in Minato-ku, Tokyo. The way of reading is Norimori Shrine, it is not a marigold shrine.

Well, do you know a strange legend about the creation of Karasumori Shrine? The story begins because Fujiwara Hideno prayed for Inari shrine to fight the victory of war in order to eliminate Hirado Gate. At that time, the fox of Inari Shinto shrine appeared and gave Shirahaze to Shideux. Hideyou succeeded in suppressing the Heike gate by using white feather arrows received from the white fox. From the incident, Hideato started expressing appreciation for Inari shrine, but at this point I was thinking about the place to be seduced. But again a strange event happens. A white fox showed up in the dream of Hideyoh, and showed the place to be built as a place where crows gather. In keeping with this announcement, Hideyoshi decided to build in the present place.

By the way, at the Karasumori Shrine festival large festival, “head shrine big shrine mikoshi” is handed over but it will be every two years (even year), not every year. In the near years it is scheduled for Heisei FY2003, Heisei era. By all means in even years please see the powerful traditional headquarter big shikiko passed. This headquarter big shrine departs from SL plaza where salaried workers come and go, and walks around every area Ms. child area.

Well, the highlight of Karasumori Shrine example festival is “Senju Shrimp Mikoshi” It is no doubt. The ginkgoing shrine of eight buildings is gorgeous and dazzling, but there are points that are different from the shrines of other shrines. It is a crow that stops at the four corners. You can see the crow at the feet of the phoenix if you look very well. Mikoshi is a masterpiece made by Shotaro Yamamoto, a famous craftworker in Showa 5. And it is characterized by a very large so that there is a thousandthread, it would be obvious if you compare it with a general mikoshi.


Even though it is very huge, since Mrs. and Ms. are carrying together with strength, we are free to hand over to the left to the right. At this time, careful attendance will be given to the fact that the family members gather at one side of the road and they can not move. Please take a look at the Senbun Mikoshi drifting in the waves of people at the Karasumori Shrine example festival.

■ Time schedule

· 10:30 am Mika Festival (Saison Festival at SL Square)
In the case of
· 11 am White Plum Drum Festival (SL Square)

· 11:30 in the morning (Departure) (Mikoshi from the front of the SL square)
In the case of
· 5:30 pm schedule of returning home

Venue: Near the Minato-ku, Tokyo (Shimbashi: Karasumori Shrine)
open time: Described above
event date:
Remarks concerning the opening date:
Access method (other): JR Keihin Tohoku Line · Yamanote Line Shinbashi Station · Hibiya mouth or Karasumori mouth
For inquiries: 03-3591-7865

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