Sailor festival (Hot Festival)

The Miyagi prefecture’s Sailor Festival (Hot Festival) is a festival that continues from the Edo era, famous as a rough mikoshi since ancient times, a shrine of about 1 ton in weight is stranded by 16 young people, 202 It is a festival that goes down the steep omotesando street (commonly known as Manzaka) and goes around the city.

Shrine early spring shrine in Oshu Ichinomiya Shrine Shrine is a shrine shrine sailor festival called Shakujin Shrine Mikoshi in Japan. Originally a shrine wash shrine of the New Year, it began as a pyroclash festival, but later it became known as the “Sail Festival (Hot Festival)” which is familiar to the sea later, and worshiping prosperity also now , A shrine of mikoshi will shrine the city within.

It is a spectacular festival that the port town of Shiogama is vibrant all day, such as more than 500 glittering accompaniments, the city’s goddess of wisdom followed the birthday ceremony, and the citizen has become a spring tone poetry.

Venue: Shibamogo Shrine · Shrine Shrine(Shionogi-shi Miyagi prefecture 1-1 Moriyama 1-1)
open time:
event date: Friday, March 10, 2017
Access method (other): JR Honkae Station → 15 minutes on foot

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