Tsukamoto Yakumo Festival

Tsukamoto Yakumo Festival was held in Saitama City Sakura Ward, Tsukamoto district that is naturally rich and relaxed, on July 7th and 8th and the hot summer day between rainy season.
7th: prayer ceremony
8th: Yakumo Festival
Miyage issuance ~ Town intercourse ~ Three letter joint mikoshi ~ Town intercollegio entering the temple
It starts from the afternoon departure in the afternoon and enters the ending of the temple is a very long tour after 21 o’clock and it is a small country festival but it gets excitement grandly (“⌒ ∇ ⌒”)

At the joint festival by the three characters of Tsukamoto / Goshinki / inn which will be the main event on the way to join, the joint shrine that the other shrimp and mikoshi approach each other with fir will become quite exciting (^ o ^)
Occasionally there are occasions where each town council, old age group and girls’ gallery increases, and it also fits nostalgic face and classmates etc.
And the performances of each town office boasting accompaniment and cheerlead dance etc were also held.
And, I picked up three characters at the same time and headed to the shrine of each town meeting (“⌒ ∇ ⌒”)

And although it is after the long train in the last palace entertainment, everyone showed the highest excitement today with cowardly, guts and cooperation and I was able to successfully put the shrine in the temple.

After that, we launched a light launch with a colleague I called and tried a day tiredness (“⌒ ∇ ⌒”)

We are also looking forward to your participation in neighboring areas from everyone in the Tsukamoto district that we would like to expect to be able to carry on well next year.

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