Wakako Festival Waka Shrine (Warabi) Shrine

Approximately 1 km from front of Nishiguchi station to old Mt. Nakasendo road, you can enjoy the power of each shop that pretended your taste
On the day of the festival, there was a road between the station front shopping street and the shrine, stalls were lined up on both sides of the road, and the atmosphere of the festival was even more exciting.
Walk for 10 minutes on that road, there is a Wakasa (Warabi) shrine.

In the festival, about 10 shrines were delivered in town association unit.

After the shogun is dedicated, local Japanese volunteers perform Japanese drums and dedication of Kagura is performed.

It has nothing to do with the shrine, but the dumpling shop (mister gyoza) in the middle of the shopping street was delicious.
I will eat a stick every year during the festival (haha)

State of the festival

Venue:JR warabi station Nishiguchi station front street, Sakurabashi-dori
open time:
event date:Mid October (2nd Saturday · Sunday)
Remarks concerning the opening date:
Access method (other):048-434-5601 (Warabi Tourist Association)
For inquiries:JR Keihin Tohoku Line warabi station

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