[:ja]日枝神社山王祭(ひえじんじゃさんのうまつり) [:en]Hie Shrine Shrine Sanno Festival[:]



そして優雅な歴史絵巻が列を成した神幸祭が行われた後は、お揃いの法被をまとった担ぎ手が集結する下町連合渡御が行われます。下町連合渡御は京橋、茅場町、日本町など広範囲に渡る地域の氏子らが参加することもあり、祭りは大いに盛り上がります。担ぎ手の数は約3,000人を超えまして、普段は無機質で閑静なビル街がこの時ばかりは活気付きます。間近からの見物は場所取りの問題が立ちはだかるため、中にはビルの中から高さを生かして神幸祭や下町連合渡御を観賞する人もいます。[:en]Happy Shrine Sanno Festival is a festival to be held in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Besides arranging the Kanda festival and three company festivals as one of the Edo Sansei Festival, as well as the Kanda festival, it is popular as the Tenka Festival. Therefore, during the Edo period it was permissible to draw floats into Edo Castle, which is not normally allowed to enter, and the general of Tokugawa family had been listing it. Furthermore, the title is known not only to the Edo San Daigaku Festival / Tenkashi Festival but also the Gion festival and the Temmin Festival as the three biggest festivals in Japan.

Well there are the Kamikoku Festival in the big attractions of the Happy Shinto shrine Sanno Festival. The Shinko festival where many visitors from inside and outside of the prefecture gather is a popular event where people wearing historical costumes can visit the beautiful dynasty scrolls queuing in a row. There are two high-ranking Feng Chao, one Miyako shrine also goes around. We recommend that you prepare the route beforehand so that you do not miss a queue that spans approximately 300 meters. Then let’s notice that the festival is held not every year, but at Kanda festival every other year. So please check the information of Kanda Festival together. Incidentally, let’s remember that the Christian era will be held in even years.

And after the Shinko festival where rows of elegant history scrolls took place, Shimomachi federation where collectors who gathered all the covered coat gathered will be held. The Shimomachi Association is handed down to a large extent by fellows from a wide range of areas including Kyobashi, Kayabacho, Nihonmachi and others participating, and the festival is very exciting. The number of carry-overs exceeds about 3,000 people, and only in this time it is usually quiet in an inorganic quiet building. Some viewers are coming up with problems of location picking up, so some people use the height from the inside of the building to see the Shinko festival and Shimomachi coalition.

Venue: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Surrounding Hikaru Shrine
open time: 7: 45 ~ 17: 00
event date: Scheduled around June 15, 2017
Remarks concerning the opening date: http://www.tenkamatsuri.jp/
Access method (other):
For inquiries: Hie Shrine Shrine 03-3581-2471[:]