Asakusa Sanja Festival 【Kotobuki 4-chome town cho】

This year is a hot summer day, every year the three company festival waiting to wait in May
Thursday, 18th
Headquarters shrine ceremonial priestess

Friday the 19th
Large matrix
Bonisaza Mai dedication (shrine)
Bonisaza Mai dedication (Kagura Den)
Each town Mikoshi Shrimp entrance ceremony

20th (Saturday)
Example Festival ceremony
Town misaki coalition transfer
Dedication dance (Kagura Den)
Shrine Maiden Performance (Kagura Den)

21st (Sun)
Headquarters shrimp mikoshi each town
Enter the temple
Shrine Maiden Performance (Kagura Den)
Dedication dance (Kagura Den)
Taiko dance performance (precincts)
Headquarters mikoshi ceremonial return
It was held.

And, what I am indebted to every year is Kotobuki 4 – chome town council.

To everyone who loves the local Life 4 – chome town association every year, everyone in the youth department who is enthralled in handling the shrine ‘s shogi shrine, and the town gathering where everyone who carries it gathers.

And the headquarters mikoshi carried this year is “Ninomiya”.

It is the beginning of the reception of the head office acceptance on Sunday after all, and during the hot weather, there were lots of carrying staffs.

Everyone was swaying with a shrill and a shrine full of bloodsmanship.

We accepted from Kaminarimon Tahara Town Association, and [Kotobuki 4-chome town church] and safely handed over to Komagata Machi-kai.

① Rare plot scenes

②Frigidity of the power of a mikoshi and a human being

After head office is annual roast meat every year.(浅草 大福園)

Of course, after that I went to the town shrine’s evening shrine.

After the festival, Hoppy Street ironworks.

Asakusa said Hoppy street!

Ladies 4 chome Machiya Mr. Good job.
Thank you again next year!

Venue: Around the Asakusa Shrine around Taito-ku, Tokyo(3-1 Asakusa Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032)
open time:
event date: May 19 (Fri.) 2017 May 21 (Sunday) 2017 ※ The third Friday, Saturday, Sunday in May
Remarks concerning the opening date:
Access method (other): Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station Exit 1
For inquiries: Asakusa Shrine 03-3844-1575

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