Niigata Festival (Niigata Festival)

The Niigata Festival is a festival to be held in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture.
The Niigata Festival which is currently held is a festival that was born in 1960. In the past, there were four festivals of “Sumiyoshi Festival”, “Kawaguchi”, “Opening Port Memorial Festival”, and “Commercial Festival” integrated.

Among the four festivals, the Sumiyoshi Festival is the origin of the Niigata Festival, as the Sumiyoshi Matrix (Sumiyoshi Festival) held in 1726 is the oldest. A ship wholesaler gathered at Minatocho, where the Kitamae ship traveled, and the city prospered abundantly. There is a place name still called Minatocho street in the current Niigata city. By the way, in one of the whirlwind shops there was an “shogun”, and it was discovered in 1680 that Shimbun store Hiroshima Kiyofu received the Shinto shrine from Osaka Sumiyoshi Shrine in 1680 to establish the Shrine Shrine (Sumiyoshi Shrine after) It is connected.

Well, at the Niigata Festival, Mikoshi Shrine Mikoshi handed down, civic mikoshi, big folk song flower, Taiko drum, fireworks festival etc. are done. Mizukami Shikomo transit praying for the development and safety of Minatocho, it is gorgeous how the mikoshi goes on the Shinano river as it is placed on the sailing boat. It is unusual for the Japanese shrine mikoshi to hand over the water and it will be worth seeing.


In the evening, civic watching people waiting for the clerk will start.
Municipal citizen walks brave with aiming at Hakusan shrine of the palace from Furutamachi dori by 4,000 male and female carriers whose 8 shrimp shoes occupied the headband. Furutamachi street has narrow street width so it gets to be filled quickly with gathering hands.

Speaking of a mikoshi is a male, but a citizen of the Niigata Festival is also a woman who carries a shrine mikoshi. In addition, riding a swaying mikoshi may inspire the carrying hands, and women also bravely enchant the festival. In addition to this, there are also handmade children’s mikoshi carried by local children, so let’s send cheers to this place as well.


Many dancing folk dressed in matching costumes from various parts of the city will participate in the great folk songs that start from around 7 pm after sunset, and everyone will dance Niigata Yubetsu with full of feelings. About 130 organizations or more are participating, and it is a masterpiece that the dancers cover from Furutamachi Goritani Koji to Higashi Odori in front of JR Niigata Station.


Venue: Niigata City Niigata Prefecture Furukamachi Chuo Chuo Ward
open time:
event date: August 4, 2017 (Friday) to August 6 (Sunday) 2017
Remarks concerning the opening date:
Access method (other):
For inquiries: Niigata Festival Executive Committee (025-290-4411)

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