Iwakuchi Yakumo Shrine festival

Iwakuchi Yakumo Shrine festival is a festival to be held in Kita Ward, Tokyo. Since Yakumo Shrine is settled in various parts of the country, it is attached to Iwabuchi for distinction. There is no old document left for the creation year, and it is not clearly understood. In Yakumo Shrine, I am prospering Sakuyo Susa. There is an interesting and interesting custom in the place of Iwabuchi in Tokyo where the company is settled, and for some reason some people do not eat cucumbers of vegetables.


There are various reasons why you do not eat cucumber, but when the main ritual, Susa Yuuzu was once in danger, she ran away from difficulties in cucumber fields. Because of this, Mrs. Children is respecting without eating the cucumbers that saved the Lord God of God. In addition to the company ‘s warehouse, the large banner of Katsuka ship’ s autograph is carefully placed.

At the Iwakuchi Yakumo Shrine festival, this festival and shade festival are held every other year every year. In this festival, the shrine of the shrine mikoshi with the mark of the black three-handed crest is marked on the color scheme based on gold color. The festival’s cheek is so rare that “Hoysa! Hoysa!”, So it seems that people who heard it for the first time will remain in the ear. By all means when festival, please raise a dandan with fellows. It is a shout that unexpectedly enters power, so it must be a power of shikisen to pass for a long time. Then Kagura performed with a light rhythm and dedication of hayashi are also performed, and you can watch brilliant dance in the company of Okada Peyuro, which lasts for four generations.

Venue: Surrounding area of Tokyo Metropolitan area Iwabuchi area around Yakumo shrine
open time: 9: 00 ~ 21: 00
event date: The first Saturday and Sunday of June every year
Remarks concerning the opening date: http://ak8mans.com/yagumo.htm
Access method (other): Iwabuchi Yakumo Shrine 03-3901-2843
For inquiries: Tokyo Metro Namboku Line · Akabanewabuchi Station

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