Sanja festival

Sanja Festival is a festival to be held in Taito-ku, Tokyo. Although it is often called a three company festival, the official name is Asakusa Shrine an example big festival. Then the festival is held at Asakusa Shrine, not a famous Asakusa Temple as a sightseeing spot. According to the shrine announcement, the Sanja Festival is expected to have about 1.5 million people every year in three days.

Interesting stories remain about the establishment of Asakusa Shrine. One day when the Hinodee brothers fished at the Miyado River, it took a number of human figure statues on the net. The brothers who wondered asked the teacher Makoto Tomo of the wise person to teach, and knew that it was Kannon statue. After discovering the Kannon statue, the three became excited about the way of Buddha. Tsubasa Makoto Tomo served as a priest and served as a temple with a house as a temple of Kannon. It is the beginning of Asakusa Shrine that the wife dedicated three people, Tsuchiya Makoto · Hapee brothers, as a three-person authority, from the declaration of Kansei’s dream after the death of Tsutomu Makoto.

Well, at the three company festival once a year, an elegant Binzasa Mai (intangible cultural heritage) will be donated at the shrine and Kagura dono. Mai Bairaza Mai is a dance that only people with a specific 8 towns are allowed to dance, and we pray for five grain richness by dedicating. You will be able to listen to various sounds for instruments such as “Shara Shara” “Crackle” etc by tapping and rubbing the plate of the bistilla in accordance with the whistle sound.


And at noon the next day of Binzazawa Mai dedication, about 100 shrimps from Shikoku area 44 town will participate in union leadership. The shrine is gathered in Asakusa Temple once, and in turn forwards the temple to the town. It is a valuable opportunity to watch the majesty of crowds in the precincts and the mikoshi in each town at once, so let’s definitely focus on the camera and aim for a shutter opportunity.

On the final day, three company festivals are the most exciting The head office three shrine mikoshi are carried out. In Asakusa Shrine there are three headquarters shrine mikoshi, including Ichimonomiya (Daito Makoto Tomomi), Ninomiya (Ninomiya Palace), Sannomiya (Hinodee Takeshito Azuma), and shake the mikoshi shake up and down and right and left ” I will do.

Although there are intense shrine mikoshi transfers throughout the country such as fishing mikoshi and Shonan killer, the soul swing of the three company festival is as good as dynamic as well. It is not uncommon for a lot of crowds to hurt and to be injured, so please be careful about your safety while enjoying the sightseeing.

Venue: Around the Asakusa Shrine around Taito-ku, Tokyo(3-1 Asakusa Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032)
open time:
event date: May 19 (Fri.) 2017 May 21 (Sunday) 2017 ※ The third Friday, Saturday, Sunday in May
Remarks concerning the opening date:
Access method (other): Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station Exit 1
For inquiries: Asakusa Shrine 03-3844-1575

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