[:ja]八戸三社大祭(はちのへさんしゃたいさい)[:en]Hachinohe 3 company big festival[:]






18:00~20:00[:en]The Hachinohe Sansei Festival is a festival to be held in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture. It was registered in December 2016 to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage ‘Mountain · Hall · Food Event’. It is popular as the biggest festival in eastern Japan, and more than 1 million tourists visit each year.

Following the origin of the Hachinohe 3 company big festival, you will be connected to a forensic company, the predecessor of Okami Shrine (Shaka Shrine). The lieutenant was believed in the lords and townspeople as Hachinohe Totemu guardian. There was once a crop failure of agricultural products due to unseasonable weather. People suffered from crop failure and the influential people at that time decided to ask the Legend company for weather stability and harvest prayer in 1720. Fortunately the prayers of people seemed to have passed through to heaven, and the crops could be harvested successfully. With the feeling of gratitude in mind, the 17th year of the Hachinohe Three Company Great Festival is the origin of the Hachinohe Sankei festival, which was carried out from the legal company to the Chairman Mountain Urkusukado in 1721. Chichiyama Mountain Kozo-zo is a shrine of Shilla Shrine’s predecessor. The name is different due to the separation order of Shinto and Buddha in the Meiji era. Since the Shilla Shrine in 1884 and Shinmei Palace in 1889 joined the festival, the current Hachinohe Sanity Festival was formed.


Well, the present Hachinohe Sanwa Festival is a highlight of the shrine crucifixion to which the shrine of three companies is handed down, and the mountain line matrix where glittery floats go around the city. Mikoshi is also a shrine, but the eyeball of the festival is still a rich colorful float. The city is crowded with many visitors to see the mountain cars colored with vivid colors. There are 27 floats and we will raise the festival from 18 o’clock when the sun has fallen. The Hachinohe Sankei Festival floats are not only colorful but also artistically felt the Japanese traditional culture. It is felt like a craftsman handled it clearly because it is making such a fancy but handmade by citizens surprisingly. The floats are said to enter the production period from the consecutive holidays in May every year.

Besides this, bamboo leaf dance which brings bamboo leaf slowly and gracefully, bamboo dance and lion dance which goes to the front of the matrix train queue add flowers to the festival. Since the Hachinohe Sansei Festival is composed of numerous traditional arts, how about visiting those who are interested in Japanese culture and folklore studies?

■ Time schedule
■ July 31: Eve
18: 00 ~ 21: 00
■ August 1: Street
15: 00 ~
■ August 2: Chunichi
18: 00 ~
■ August 3: Return
15: 00 ~
■ August 4: Late night festival
18: 00-20: 00

Venue: In Aichi prefecture Hachinohe city
open time:
event date: 2017/07/31 (Mon) – 2017/08/04 (Fri) 5 days from July 31 to August 4 every year
Remarks concerning the opening date:
Access method (other): JR Hachinohe line (Kuji direction) Honkacho station
For inquiries: (Public Company) Hachinohe Sightseeing Convention Association 0178-41-1661[:]