[:ja]児玉の夏祭(こだまのなつまつり)[:en]Kodama’s summer festival (Kodama noodle festival)[:]





児玉の夏祭は雨天でも決行するので急な降雨に対応できるよう、タオルや雨具を携帯するといいでしょう。ぜひ晴天を祈りつつ足を運んでみてはいかがでしょうか?[:en]Kodama’s Summer Festival is a festival to be held in Honjo City, Saitama. By the way, it is about when the summer festival of Kodama was held, but because the literature and records mentioned are not left, the origin is not clearly understood. However, the summer festival of Kodama is influenced by the Gion faith of Yasaka Shrine and is also called the Gion festival of Yawata.

At Kodama ‘s summer festival, Feng Shu shrine owned by each district will go from Yasaka Shrine to each town. Wrapped in a twisted neckband with a colorful coat of uniforms, the town will flourish if a bearer wearing white white socks is handed over. Congratulations are held twice during the daytime and after sunset, and after the sunset “fight celebration” which could not be seen during the day can be spread.


In fighting fighting, it combines mikoshi together and collides with each other, so it is a thrilling point for the clerk and the visitor. At the moment when the shrine becomes a steep angle due to the contact of the carrying stick, the cheers and the cheers are raised. The balance feeling of the person riding the carrying stick of the inclined mikoshi is also wonderful, and inspires the carrying hands pushing down from above the shrine. Also, fighting fighting does not necessarily have to be done with two units combining shrines. Because odd numbers are acceptable, at Kodama ‘s summer festival, you can also see fighting fighting with three mikoshi.

Since the summer festival of Kodama is decided even in rainy weather, it would be nice to carry towels and rain gear so that you can respond to sudden rain. Why do not you try walking while praying for fine weather?

Venue:Saitama Prefecture Honjo City Kodama Town
open time:11 am – 9:30 pm
event date:July 16, 2017 (Sun)
Remarks concerning the opening date:
Access method (other):
For inquiries:JR Hakko Line Kodama Station Entrance (Uemachi)[:]